Gate valve to DIN/EN with flanged or butt weld ends, bolted bonnet, body made of cast steel, non#]rotating stem, with flexible wedge, seat/disc interface made of wear and corrosion resistant 13 % chrome steel or Stellite. 
In industrial plants, process engineering and shipbuilding. For water, steam, gas, oil and other non#]aggressive fluids. Other fluids on request.

Overview of technical data
Bonnet design Yoke
Maximum temperature 400 °C
DN max. 600
Minimum temperature 10- °C
DN min. 50
Body material (EN standard) 1. 0619
Stem sealing Gland packing
Body design Straight pattern body
Body material Cast steel
Actuator options available ex works Electric actuator to customer' s choice
PN max. 40
PN min. 10
Main applications Industry and process engineering; Shipping / Shipbuilding
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