Danfoss LCP Keypad for FC051 MicroDrive


Danfoss 132B0100 - Small Drive, Maximum Reliability

Mains supply
Supply voltage  
Supply frequency 50/60 Hz
Displacement power factor (cos φ) near unity (>0.98)
Switching on input supply 1-2 time/min
Output data
Output voltage 0-100% of supply voltage
Output frequency 0-200 Hz (VVC+ mode), 0-400 Hz (U/f mode)
Switching on output Unlimited
Ramp times 0.05-3600 sec
Digital inputs
Programmable digital inputs 5
Logic PNP or NPN
Voltage level 0-24 VDC
Pulse inputs
Programmable pulse inputs 1 (one of the digital inputs can be used for pulse inputs)
Voltage level 0-24 VDC (PNP positive logic)
Pulse input frequency 20-5000 Hz
Analogue input
Analogue inputs 2
Modes 1 current/1 voltage or current
Voltage level 0-10 V (scalable)
Current level 0/4 to 20 mA
Analogue output
Programmable analogue outputs 1
Current range at analogue output 0/4-20mA
Relay outputs
Programmable relay outputs 1 (240 VAC, 2 A)
Approvals CE, C-tick, UL
Fieldbus communication FC Protocol, Modbus RTU

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