Horizontal, long-coupled, single-stage volute casing pump (pump size 125-500 with two stages) in back pull-out design, with replaceable shaft sleeves / shaft protecting sleeves and casing wear rings. Design to ATEX. 
Spray irrigation, irrigation, drainage, district heating, water supply systems, heating and air-conditioning systems, condensate transport, swimming pools, fire-fighting systems, handling of hot water, cooling water, fire-fighting water, oil, brine, drinking water, brackish water, service water, etc

DN                     125 – 300 

Q [m3 /h]          max. 1900

H [m]                 max. 102

p [bar]               max. 16

T [°C]                max. +140

Overview of technical data

Type of impeller Radial; Multi-vane impeller;Closed;Closed / Radial
Type of installation Long- coupled
Impeller material (EN standard) JL 1040; 1.4408;GJL-250;G-CUSN10
Type of bearing Ball bearings
Drive frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Maximum speed of rotation 1. 750 1/min
Maximum flow rate 2. 280 m³/h
Maximum discharge-side pressure 16 bar
Casing material (EN standard) JL 1040; JS 1025
No. of impeller entries Single entry
Casing material Nodular cast iron; Cast iron
Minimum flow rate 50 m³/h
Suction characteristics Non- priming
Drive voltage Low voltage
eClass assignment 36410000; 36410100;36410101
Pull-out design Yes
Pump set location Dry installed
Max. permissible fluid temperature 140 002
Main applications Water; Building services;Energy;Waste water / sewage;Industry and process engineering
Type of installation Stationary
Type of casing Volute casing
Type of connection Flange
Type of lubrication Grease / Product lubrication
Type of drive Electric motor, turbine
Installation position Horizontal
Shaft material (EN standard) C45; 1.4057
Type of coupling Direct
Shaft seal type Gland packing; Mechanical seal
Maximum head 90, 00 m
Maximum rated pressure (discharge) PN 16
Minimum head 2, 50 m
Nozzle position End suction
Casing partition Radially split
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